Friday, June 6, 2008

Hello Friends!

I am writing from a very warm home in boise idaho with a cat on my lap. Our hostess has left for work, offered towls (she may have been hinting at something) and a leisurely departure. The smell of tenting, constant driving, hiking, sleeping on a rug that was prior the home of a dog or three, and few to no showers/ clothes changes have brewed into a smell that is something less that good. Her shower offer was probably more of a demand

Our Host, Abby, gave an exceptional tour of boise which has proved to be nothing short of awesome. Who knew? Boise has a lot of small city charm with a more outdoors spirit and homey feel. We hiked a very unexpected inner-city mountain last night and ate better pizza than boston has offered me in ages. Again, who knew. So much of this trip is being pleasantly surprised by people and places, but i guess that is just travel.

I miss you's dearly and ms kdhl, im going to try and come your way. A pretty ridiculous e-chat the other day, no? hmm sorry about that, i was in a weird state. lolz

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