Thursday, June 26, 2008

WE'RE HERE! WE'RE QUEER! apparently you are not ok with that

Here is a fun letter, for your viewing pleasure, that was sent to MassEquality. Please enjoy. Oh, and I have her address if anyone would like to take a trip to Gardner to engage in deviant behavior on her front lawn

We the people, the parents know that family is a man and a woman, husband and wife, father and mother. One man and one woman come together as one to produce children the family. This is

The normal and natural and healthy and sane way that life is complete and honest and decent. This is what true parents strive for, even as many of us make mistakes and have affairs as younger and

Less mature and less responsible people, we create many problems for ourselves and our children. As we grow and mature we begin to understand the complex nature of sound reason. It takes a special

Man and or a special woman to present children with basic facts about life, love and sex. I myself, raised two daughters, never allowed them to date until they were 16 years old. They grew up to be wonderful

Woman, wives and mothers, My daughters never smoked, drank nor got S. T. D. S.. It takes much hard work and truth and faith to raise children into healthy and sound adulthood. This is best left up to the

Natural parents, or in some cases other mature and responsible adults. Children need truth to grow sound and healthy. Homosexuality and all other forms of deviant sexual practices are not healthy nor sane.

If we are honest and truthful looking at the pictures of these so-called gay pride parades, we can see the twisted and manipulated children, and their faces and actions. It is not healthy for the children, nor society

For our youth to parade through the streets yelling about any kind of sexuality. Children need to understand that sexuality is a private and very personal matter, that is a best understood and explored by the guidance

Of their loving parents that care deeply for them. No children come into life without one man and one woman, the way God created mankind. This is the most natural and normal and healthy process of the human

Family. Children need this truth, this gives them faith and you will find they will learn many, many values, morals and principals with the facts, not body manipulation nor sleeping around or having sex with multiple Partners. This is why we see so many educators and adults having sexual relations with children. How do you expect adults to protect children from adult sexual preditors if there are no red flag, such as adults gaining control over children by talking to them about personal matters such as sex. Law makers are required to make laws to protect children from preditors and one’s that would do them harm. It is absolutely

Crucial that parents have the say over the teaching of such personal and private issues. Remember in the garden of life Heterosexulity is the flower that grows and flourishes

Homosexuality is the weeds that wither and die. The truth is the truth and we will not manipulate it to, accommodate the twisted and sin filled minds that seek to destroy the truth and faith of our innocent and pure minds of the children. Parents must bring up their children with decency and truth, honesty and faith. This assures that children will develop normally and with a sense of truth and decency. It is a parental right and responsibility to do the best to rear their children. It is not up to the educators, the lawmakers nor the courts to twist and manipulate our children’s minds, hearts and souls. Lying for votes, power and money is not

Going to make our children healthy and sane. The people are quite feed up with politicians trying to destroy our families and our lives with mandated child abuse. My children don’t need drugs nor homosexual indoctrination, nor transgender rights to grow, they need me, my love as a parent and truth and faith that they have the natural ability to marry, and produce children the way God intended. This is not going to cost the tax payers dididly squat. It is a natural cost to the parents, that is well worth the return. All of society benefits when children are treated the natural truth. It does not take an act of congress to understand this concept Parents, one man, one woman, husband and wife, father and mother producing children the family, from generation to generation. This is not an act of congress, but the act of life itself. Precious and proud, True and decent. All of mankind will come to know this truth, When will you???


Drew said...

I feel like there are a lot of punch lines for this letter. My submissions:

All of mankind will learn correct grammar, punctuation and spelling - when will you??

Children don't need drugs nor homosexual indoctrination, nor transgender rights to grow, they need a better-than-50% divorce rate from straight people!

And sign me up for the deviant behavior. Dibs on John!

KDHL said...

My favorite parts are

Homosexuality is the weeds that wither and die.

and the use of diddly squat.