Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Abrir en una nueva pestaña

That´s espanol for"open in a new tab"

PS This is so long with lots of pop culture references.

Soo I´m in Chile!!! Had flight delays and cancellations but really it was fine bc I was on the same flight as the program director and we got put on a LANChile flight which was the most comfortable plane with the best food I´ve ever been on. Funny things that happened during travel included spending 5 hrs in a hotel in Miami and accidentally dropping my water bottle down the trash chute in the airplane bathroom and having to stand on the toilet to reach down there and get it. I payed 2 bucks and hadn´t even opened it; it was necessary.
Also, having just read "World War Z" and watching "Children of Men", I was a little nervous getting shuffled through another security point in Bogota, Colombia and getting patted down by severe looking military people. I know it´s just paranoia, but srsly, I can´t stop thinking about everything in the context of zombies. I would say it´s getting to be a problem but really you can never be too prepared.

I haven´t see much of Chile yet but I can say that flying in along the coast the mountains were really incredible and looked like Luke´s home planet in "Star Wars." The bus ride from my house to unviersity was gooorrgeeouuuss bc of all the mountains and the bay. My homestay family is so adorable. A mom and two unviersity age daughters AND a small old dog named Jaffiffe´. They don´t really get that my spanish is not that great. I do a lot of agreeing and nervous laughing.

I decided to take the sociology class instead of my next level in Spanish bc hey at this point, what´s yet another class I´m taking that doesn´t actually fulfill a requirement. I´ve come to terms with being in college for the rest of my life.

It´s cold here, but I packed prety well. I discovered this morning that it´s too cold to take a shower. Hot water means not as freezing as cold water. It´s actually a step up from my apartment in New Orleans in the winter bc I have a heated bed here.

I´m really excited about this trip, it´s finally hit me that I´m here for 6 weeks yyaayy. I will have more fun things to tell soon. We´re going to climb a volcano and see Pablo Neruda´s houses. I´m still figuring out if I´m going to fly or bus to Buenos Aires. Going over the Andes in the winter...hmph.

Also, everyone will be happy to know that the staph infection on me knee is starting to go away. It really looked like Jared Leto´s arm in "Requiem for a Dream" for a minute but now I´m finally able to squeeze all the puss out and it´s getting better. Rob, you would´ve yelled at me so bad to leave it alone especially bc it came from a bicycle accident and I should know by now.

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