Saturday, June 14, 2008

blame canada

hey duders, greetings from Vancouver! 

I have been couch surfing and wandering and what-have-you into Canada (despite some pretty intense grilling at the border for some reason). 

kdhl,  I will not be making it to the south before you leave. I love you.

I have decided to stay out here in the cold wet north instead of flying somewhere because... i worked really hard to get here so I might as well keep on with tradition. Right? Tomorrow I leave vancouver (which I should note that I will be moving here whenever the opportunity arises- It is too cool to describe fully but highlights include: surfing and world renowned snoboarding each an hour away, skateparks, cheap cheap cheap delicious dim sem and sushi, a giant park at the tip of the city and Mountains everywhere!) I have been staying with the couch surfing guru who has been hosting 4-12 travellers each night I have been here. The first night was two german dudes (very funny), two lady musicians from SF that played a free living room show for us (so good, really), a beautiful swedish groupie that matt brudner made out with (you can all give him a high five when you see him as it is very well deserved), three french canadians, a slew of mexican guys and girls, a girl from wales and a girl from melbourne and i think someone else that I am forgetting. So ridiculous and wonderful. 

so, I am going to try and head north and fly home from Juneau I think. If the path is too hard or at any point the trip sucks, its back south or east or... somewhere. Thats the plan at least- its the first actual decision i have made this trip and it wasnt easy. 

Boston: while you have enjoyed 100 degree weather, the thermometer has not crested 65 the entire trip. When I return, I refuse to wear pants for at least 48 hours. Maybe the duration of the summer- time will tell.  For example: i camped in the grand tetons by driving south long enough to not set up camp in 4 feet of snow. Literally! 

Hasta luego mis amigos. Amor para usted. 

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Drew said...

If your path does, in fact, bring you to the drrty drrty, I'll be here, waiting with open arms and a man hug.