Friday, June 27, 2008

smells from unknown sources

hey duders

i made it to alaska! it took me a 29 hour ferry and a couple long long hitches and an overnight bus ride (and 4-6 hours of trying to hitch out of Prince George unsuccessfully (hence the overnight bus)) but i crossed the entire province of british columbia from the rockies. The ferry was so... long. I had mis-read the ticket and thought i was to arrive 12 hours earlier so those additional minutes were pretty painful. Fortunately, there were some very friendly strangers and unlimited pirated coffee.

In Prince George I stole my first ever cup of coffee. It was pathetic; i ended up giving a kid $2 on the street to return my karma. I was bummed on the city, low on funds, and had Evasion in my head so thievery seemed logical. The only reason I felt bad was because i do not think that coffee shop to be corporate (only determined after the steal took place).

Alaska is so beautiful. Juneau is situated in a rain forest where leaves are bigger than beach-balls and even the insects are giant. The city has no road access to other major cities yet every single person, literally, has a car making everything spaced out. Fortunately, I found a rusty old bike the other day which this morning I rode to a glacier about 9 miles away. Despite the extremely uncomfortable seat, all is well and my eyes have seen colors that were previously unknown.

One last thing: on the ferry through the alaskan channel, I spotted my first ever eagle. This eagle was joined by about 7 of it's eagle friends which then followed the boat long enough to excite a 25+ pack of humpback whales. If ever I have seen the glory of America it was watching a humpback whale jump entirely out of the water while eagles flew overhead. It really was amazing.

My journey is almost over so I will see those of you in Boston soon!

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KDHL said...

your trip is pure magic