Monday, June 23, 2008

a series of tubes

good evening kind freinds. this is my first blog post thing, i'm some what nervous. the internets are a dark and stormy territory for me. i have difficulties navigating this series tubes. its like a truck coming down the inner state, just like ted stevens.

so me and my buddy scott found some decaying human knee bones on some train tracks in worcester behind a tattoo shop. there were two of them. they were covered in bugs. whoever left them there had access to a bone saw. i took a picture with my phone, mom said i should've called the cops, but i pocked them with my shoe instead. there also was a severed possum head, but i believe that was a separate incident.

i got the venus demilo from salvidor dali's hallucinogenic toredor tattooed on my side and ribs on saturday. i plan on going back in a month to get a statue of emperor augustus on the other side because i'm a nerd and am obsessed with symmetry. i was surprised, it was my least painful tattoo, although i did take a perkiest before. i now am up to 6 tattoos, and have plans for at least 4 more. luckily my friend does them for cheap for me. my latest only coast $80, and took close to 2 hours.

time to go eat.


harrison grrgeron said...

DUDE! that is so epic!! Did you get the Venus De Milos that make up the Toredor's face? I love that painting. I saw it at the Dali Museum in St. Pete and almost passed out from over-enchantment.

Also, human bones? That is crazy.

KDHL said...

"had access to a bone saw" is really a phrase you hear too rarely