Saturday, June 7, 2008

I know we'll meet again some sunny day

Johnny Cash released "The Man Comes Around" shortly before he died in September 2003. On it, he recorded a couple of originals that fucking rock (the title track comes to mind - it's the song in the the opening scene of the Dawn Of The Dead remake) and a bunch of covers that'll make you laugh, cry, remember, forget and mostly break your fucking heart.

Anybody remember this video?

He recorded a portion of it after his wife, June Carter Cash, died in April 2003. Johnny was never the same, but Rick Rubin, who recorded his last four albums, said that Cash still came into the studio every day, wearing his long black preacher coat that only he could pull off, and recorded new stuff. He didn't have anything else.

After a string of bad luck and albums in the 80s, country music had abandoned Cash - then he put out those albums on American Recordings and died before anyone in the country music scene could recognize that Cash had gotten back his swagger. The ultimate "fuck you".

He ended his last album with an amazing cover of "We'll Meet Again", which kinda makes me laugh through my sadness and anger, the way only a really good friend can do.

So today, my last day on the east coast before I depart for the drrty drrty, I just wanted to say to y'all - we'll meet again. I love you all more than you will ever know.

(Man, how cheesy was THAT?)

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