Monday, June 30, 2008

New places

This weekend we had wine tastings at two wineries, got lunch in a small town (lunch was about half a pig per person) and went to Isla Negra, one of Pablo Neruda´s houses. It was really beautiful and filled with fun things. It made me feel better about my habits bc his collections were not necessarily valuable things, they were mostly amzing little junk piles. Like lots of colored bottles and shells and piano leg supporters. And the horn of a narwhal! He had huge mast heads from different ships which I think I´m going to start collecting aka Drew please make room for them in the office. The views from the house were incredible bc it is right on the ocean.

I´m having more trouble adjusting to spending so much time with Tulane kids than I am with Chilean culture. Not since high school have I been surrounded by aquaintances who often say things like ¨Those girls from Loyola were total sluts!¨or ¨Maann you are such a faggot.¨These phrases are part of the constant discussion of pot, fraternities and dorm life. I really really dont want to be a snob bc I definitely went through a new to college phase and I think everyone does. But I do have a real problem with some of things they say and we just have very different interests. It´s really only a problem in big group acitvities. Some of the kids are really fun and I hang out with them. Also I have a language partner from the University who is cool and am meeting lots of people. Friday night I went to a club with some Americans from another program and had a great bad decision making time.

Again I know everyone wants to hear about all my current health issues and infections. I had a fun little jaunt last night to the urgent care clinic for a UTI. As fucking painful as that was, the doctor experience was much more pleasant than the US bc it took an hour and 80 dollars instead of 3 hrs and 4000 dollars. Apparently my body didn´t like the sudden change in temperature and that I almost completely stopped drinking water. The program director had to come with me to translate. ¿Como se dice ¨stabbing pain in my uterus¨?

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GrrlMonstrr said...

the horn of a narwhal. the quality of your life experience has just surpassed everyone that i know