Wednesday, June 4, 2008

No tengo mucho tiempo!

So I realized yesterday I leave for Chile in less than 20 days. Which caused me to realize that I have a whole lot to do here so The Abstract doesn't close. Then I remembered I'm taking 5 days off work in that time to go to NJ and have a road trip with Drew. Oops.

This all means I am still going to NJ to see the fam but I feel too guilty about work so I'm missing out on Nashville and camping and gypsy punks to fly back to NOLA Monday morning.
Argh, things I hate right now:
-writing grants
-paperwork for HUD
-my neighbors that criminalize homelessness

BUT, things I love lately:
-sweating all the booze out
-lots of vegetables from the farmer's market

And Mcintyre and AmyNO will be here tomorrow for hang out fun times and Droo will be here in less than a week for more lengthy times.

Also, I was hanging out in a cemetery the other day. Beautiful:

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