Thursday, June 19, 2008

i will blog for the masses because no one else will

tidings from Lake Louise, canada! the water here is spearmint green from all the glacier melt. It looks delicious. My friend and i hitched successfully, starting with none other than a bus driver. As the bus was approaching i said, "wouldnt it be funny if this bus picked us up" and then it did... just the two of us on an empty greyhound-like bus. He only took us about a mile to the highway but it was sweet. Then an older israeli couple and then a hippy caravan where 4 people were in the back lying on a big bed. So strange and good.

hows the chairman?

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harrison grrgeron said...

I am currently reading Off the Map and it makes me think of you and your adventures.

Please bring back a jar of spearmint water. It sounds amazing. (if you dont want to hitch with a jar of spearmint water pls take pictures kthnx).